Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Twilight Films

Recently I have been watching the Twilight saga films and I think that they are brilliant!!
this one is the first:
this film is my favourite

this is the next called new moon:

the next is called eclipse:          

the last one is called breaking dawn but it is in 2 part's and part 2 is out in November!! ANNOYING!!:

 in this film Bella(Kristin Stewart) and Edward (Robert Patterson) get married, on the way back from their honeymoon Bella is having a baby but she dies because the baby is killing her by taking all the food and health from her body as the baby is half vampire half human. But, she is saved by Edward because he turns her into a vampire. (this one is very scary)

there are also books by Stephanie Meyer:
I am reading the twilight book at the moment.

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