Tuesday, 29 November 2011

my cheeky pets

My ducks are very cheeky and loud, they're names are biscuit and chocolate.

here they are the light one is biscuit and the other is of chorse choclate
unfortunatly earlier this year chocolate's brother fudge got attacked by a badger and died. it was such a suprise because my brother Frey and I were fast asleep and luckily my mum was awake at 3 in the morning and heared the trouble. she woke up dad and he rushed in only in his bath robe and saved fudge and chocolate. we thought that fudge stood up to the badger to save chocolate. the next morning fudge had died and chocolate was in a teribble state of shock so we took him to the vets and he had an operation on his head and wing.he is ok now but when it first happend it was horrible.
this is chocolate after the operation.
we got biscuit not long after he healed

this is biscuit only 3 weeks old and now she is nearly 1!!!!!!!

 this is Frey's guinea pig Harrison but she has recently died of old age.

this is Rosie she was the youngest but she has also past away

this is stella she was named after the skunk off of over the hedge but to me she doesn't look like a skunk i think that she is more squirrel looking!

this is buttercup and she is the only sister stella has left now:(
this is scragglefoot and he definetly doesn't like my dad
this is my bunny blue bell, it gets jealous if the guinea pigs are inside and she is out. but if its the other way around she is as happy as can be but she has to go out side because rabbits live in the wild in winter and don't die of the coldnees whereas guinea pigs are breed in a hot place where they are extremly endangered so its lucky that most of them have been removed from south america to england where they are not eaten.
this is april we named her that because she was born in april.

and finally this is princess she is the most curious chichen i've ever known

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