Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Hi, my names Megan and I'm being homeschooled by my mum, Amanda Clark. So far I've done maths, english, science, dress making, book binding and art. I've also done a poem:
Roses In My Garden
Roses in my garden,
Yellow, white and red,
They look so beautiful,
 In their flower bed,
I never let my chickens out,
Cause they'll just peck them dead,
But my ducks are fine ,
Cause they just eat bread,
Roses in my garden,
Yellow, white and red.


This is a video about the maths I've been doing. This vidoe is also on my uncle robin's website
He is the author of some great books, Puri, Voyager, The Garden
WINNER of the Digital Narrative Award 2010 Premier’s Book Awards)
and The Miracle Of Flowers

This is Eldwood (we haven't made him any clothes yet)

Meet the dweebs, they are crazy as you can see. :) <3

Altogether they are called CRAZY CLAN !!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Very pretty poem, Miss Megan. Love your dolls too. What fun! Best wishes to you. Holly & Hope